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Trifecta Tuesday - "The Devil You Know" - Heaven & Hell (aka Black Sabbath)

A while back I had a Trifecta Tuesday list of Dehumanizer, the third Black Sabbath album to feature Ronnie James Dio on vocals. That was back in 1992. Fast forward to 2006, when the “Black Sabbath” name was retired due to legal issues mainly between Tony Iommi and Ozzy Osbourne. Jump a year to 2007, when Black Sabbath (band name could be used by Iommi mainly because he is the sole constant member of the band) released The Dio Years, a compilation of tracks from the three studio albums and one live album during the time Dio fronted Sabbath. In the compilation were three newly recorded tracks that were all pretty decent, and it would be the last new material of Dio era Sabbath. Iommi and Dio along with original Sabbath bassist Geezer Butler, and drummer Vinny Appice (Appice was Bill Ward’s replacement for the tour in support of Heaven & Hell and continued on as the drummer for The Mob Rules and Dehumanizer albums) formed Heaven & Hell (appropriately named after the first Dio-Sabbath album) to separate the difference between the original Sabbath with Ozzy from Dio era Sabbath. That made complete sense to me since Sabbath with Ozzy was ranging from heavy/doom/stoner/prog metal while Dio era Sabbath was a traditional heavy metal fare with an extra kick of faster and speedier riffs.

Staying in 2007, a live album entitled Live From Radio City Music Hall was released and were all compiled of Dio era Sabbath songs. In 2009, they released their only studio album The Devil You Know.


“Bible Black”

This song has “Children Of The Sea” written all over it. That’s enough said from this song.



One of the fastest songs of the album (the other being “Eating The Cannibals”) this reminds me of “Lady Evil”


“Breaking Into Heaven”

The last track and longest one that stretches to nearly seven minutes. Heavy metal right here folks. The lyrics sound something straight out of a Dio song, but more evil sounding. Lyrics describing the fallen angels who dwell with Lucifer and have sinned and want to go back and take Heaven and take over with their own terms. Don’t think of it as a completely biblical song (as Sabbath never has crossed that line... maybe a tad) but as a rebellious song.


This album is also notable as it’s Dio’s last studio recording as nearly one year later he had passed away from cancer.

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