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Trifecta Tuesday - 'Sound Of White Noise' - Anthrax

“Trifecta Tuesday” Where yours truly takes an album from his discography of 399 and picks three essential tracks to take from that album.

Over a month ago I posted a Trifecta Tuesday on the 1985 release Spreading The Disease, in which I said it was Anthrax’s best album. I should say that it’s their best album overall, because 1993's Sound Of White Noise is the first Anthrax album which featured John Bush and it’s a damn good metal record. Bush is best known as the front man for Armored Saint and his voice over work for Burger King commercials a decade ago. And there’s a huge consensus between Anthrax fans that prefer the Bush-era (1992-2005 & and a brief touring period in 2009-2010) over the classic Belladonna years (1984-1992, 2005-2007, & 2010-present). When Bush took over on vocals, the band had shifted it’s music from it’s 80's thrash metal with punk roots, to an alternative metal sound, with maybe a little grunge thrown in. The band’s sound would change into something similar to a groove metal sound with 1995's Stomp 442. Lyrically wise, gone were the cartoonish/comic/funny side of the band. Especially on this album, the more common themes of personal issues and societal issues.



James Hetfield has said that ‘Only’ is “a perfect song.” And it’s popularity has gone on where the band’s current lineup with Belladonna will perform it from time to time.


“Black Lodge”

Another popular Bush-era song. The music makes it on of the more darker sounding Anthrax songs.


‘C11 H17 N2 O2 S Na (Sodium Pentothal)’

Fun fact - Sodium Pentothal is also known as truth serum

Wild Card song(s) “Potters Field” and “Hy Pro Glo

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