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Trifecta Tuesday - "Sad Wings Of Destiny" - Judas Priest

“Trifecta Tuesday” Where yours truly takes an album (a CD really) from his discography of over 340 and picks three essential tracks to take from that album.

Released in 1976, the second and final LP Judas Priest recorded under contract with Gull Records. These guys still were working day jobs at the time. The direction the band wanted to go heading into the recording studio was more of a progressive rock direction. Well that sure didn’t turn out that way. This album paved the way for Judas Priest in the future. You also can’t forget all the types of elements and techniques the band used on the album; piano ballad, Halford’s falsetto screams, Queen-like layered vocals, heavy familiar riffs mixed in with melodic ballad sections.


“Victim Of Changes”

Starting off the track is a title called “Whisky Woman” the band would play early in their live shows. Never solely recorded as a stand-alone track. Later, the song’s lyrics remind you of similar Led Zeppelin love songs. Great extended solos by Tipton and Downing.


“The Ripper”

Oh yeah, those dual twinned guitars seguing into that hard chugging riff and Halford’s high pitched scream. Lyrics are in the point of view of Jack The Ripper. One of signature songs ever written by Glenn Tipton. It’s just under three minutes, but the original version he had written but was rejected for Rocka Rolla was around the eight minute mark! I can only imagine some extended solos over that chugging riff.


“Dreamer Deceiver/Deceiver”

Ok, I’m cheating a little because this is technically two songs bringing your total to four, but too bad. ‘Dreamer Deceiver’ starts as a slow ballad, featuring some of Halford’s screaming falsetto over the mostly, acoustic track. Deceiver starts just before the 6 minute mark of the track above and sets itself up as a speed metal track. Lyrical wise, it reminds me of Dio-penned track.


Sad Wings Of Destiny is what got the attention from mainstream critics. It set themselves up for a new contract with a new label (CBS/Columbia) and those heavy metal/speed metal tunes you hear on this album would become more of a main theme being used on later releases, dropping the slow blues like, ballad like songs off.

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