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Trifecta Tuesday - 'Last Time Around' - Buffalo Springfield

“Trifecta Tuesday” Where yours truly takes an album from his discography of 424 and picks three essential tracks to take from that album.

Super-groups - a term that is used usually as at least three prominent musicians/vocalists that perform together under one entity. I think Buffalo Springfield can be considered a super-group. Neil Young, Stephen Stills, Richie Furay, Dewey Martin, Bruce Palmer, and later Jim Messina (Palmer’s replacement) who are all terrific musicians were practically on the verge of a band breakup while recording their third and final studio album.


By then, Last Time Around was only released due to fulfill contract obligations. Repeated drug busts of the band (most notably Bruce Palmer who was deported back to Canada a few times), infighting between the band members and lineup changes would result in the band breaking up just over two years after it was formed. The group had functionally disbanded (last show was May 5th, 1968) before the albums release date (July 30th). Nowhere in the album do all five members appear on one song. Even the album cover was a montage as Neil Young is from another image that’s pasted next to the other four members

Most of the album’s songs were recorded at Sunset Sound Studios in Hollywood while a couple were recorded at Atlantic Studios in New York.


“On The Way Home”

One of the best known tunes that Young had written while in Buffalo Springfield. Richie Furay actually is on vocals. At that time, most of the Young-penned Springfield songs didn’t have him on vocals. Young would eventually perform it himself in his regular acoustic sets throughout his own solo career. Below, is him performing it in November of 1968 at the Canterbury House in Ann Arbor, Michigan.

“I Am A Child”

This one is penned and sung by Neil himself. In it is a line that is one of Neil’s most deepest -

What is the color, when black is burned? What is the color?

Perhaps if you’re a parent and have kids, they will always ask you questions. They’re amazed at your knowledge of things and will ask innocent questions such as that above. It’s a lovely song, and almost feels too short. This is also another regularly played song for Neil during his shows throughout his career. Also, rumor has it that during one of many spats between Stills and Young, that Stills wrote “A Child’s Claim To Fame” about Neil, and when hearing about it, Young wrote “I Am A Child” about Stills.


“Kind Women”

The last track of the album. Perhaps Richie Furay’s best known songs as he would perform it with Poco and his solo career as well. Buddy Miles is credited for playing the drums on this track.


WILDCARD - “Four Days Gone” - I don’t really care for the album version of this Stephen Stills track, but I do, however, love this solo demo version of it of him on piano.

The final 20th century concert the band played was May 5th, 1968 at Long Beach Arena. The groups swan-song was a 20 minute rendition of ‘Bluebird’ And if you recognized the names of the members at the beginning this column, you’ll know that it wasn’t the end of the line for either of them.

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