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Trifecta Tuesday - "Johnny The Fox" - Thin Lizzy

“Trifecta Tuesday” Where yours truly takes an album from his discography of 418 and picks three essential tracks to take from that album.

Thin Lizzy had finally hit mainstream success with their 1976 release of Jailbreak. What was in their was a collection of their best known songs to this day. That was in early 1976. What others forget is the rest of 1976.


With the success of Jailbreak, Rainbow (of which Ritchie Blackmore and Phil Lynott were good friends) had tabbed Thin Lizzy as the supporting act to their upcoming US tour. Just days before the tour was about to start, Lynott was stricken with hepatitis and he a Lizzy had to cancel head back to Europe. While Lynott was being treated, he had with him an aoustic guitar and wrote the most of songs on what would become Johnny The Fox. When he was released from the hospital, the band went to record in Munich. There, Lynott and Brian Robertson clashed multiple times over the way the music and the band were heading in. When the album was released in the fall of ‘76, and with the band about to begin a new tour, Robertson had his hand badly cut while trying to breaking up a fight. Instead of cancelling the tour, in came Gary Moore to fill in for him. Brian Robertson time as a full band member of Thin Lizzy had come to an end with Johnny The Fox, as clashes with Lynott and continued to grow.



“Sweet Marie”

In all seriousness, Johnny The Fox is actually a terrific album itself, but doesn’t quite capture the charm that Jailbreak had.

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