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Trifecta Tuesday - "Endgame" - Megadeth

“Trifecta Tuesday” Where yours truly takes an album (a CD really) from his discography of over 200 and picks three essential tracks to take from that album.

Megadeth are legends of thrash metal. And let me get it out of the way here by saying MEGADETH IS BETTER THAN METALLICA. They will be releasing their 15th studio album in January. Two tracks have been released already and they sound pretty decent to someone who is hoping that the whole album is back to thrash/speed metal sound. But I’ve said that twice now with their previous two albums (2011’s Thirteen and 2013’s Super Collider) which have been total duds to my ears. But, but, but, go back to 2009, when they released Endgame, oh baby, they picked up where 2007’s United Abominations and kicked it up a notch further. Let’s get to it.


“44 Minutes”

This is one of my favorite Megadeth songs that they’ve put out in at least a decade. Based on a botched bank heist back in the 90’s somewhere in California. Great solo’s by Mustaine and the now-departed Chris Broderick.


The title track....

YES! YES! YES! This is pure fucking vintage Megadeth right here! As any Megadeth fan knows, Dave Mustaine writes about certain topics throughout the bands career, such as the “NEW WORLD ORDER” (DUN DUN DUUUUUUUUN)


“Head Crusher”

BAM! It’s hits you with a blistering solo. And these lyrics;

“On your knees, prisoner, take your position. Place your chin forward into the restraints. Your head slowly caves in from the compression. You faint in a blackout from the infernal pain”


Can’t get any better than that. Listen, this is a great album in all. I think it’s their best since 1994’s Youthanasia. With that being said, if next year’s album Dystopia is another dud, then Endgame might have literally been the endgame itself for Megadeth.

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