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Trifecta Tuesday - "Dehumanizer" - Black Sabbath

“Trifecta Tuesday” Where yours truly takes an album (a CD really) from his discography of over 200 and picks three essential tracks to take from that album.

Of course any average Black Sabbath/Dio fan know the albums Heaven And Hell and Mob Rules. But for the oddest reason, they forget about the third album Dio did with Black Sabbath. I swear it’ll be “fuck yeah, I’ve heard those two albums” when I mention the two Dio sang on on after he replaced Ozzy. But then it’ll be “uhhhhh no, don’t think I have” when it comes to 1992’s Dehumanizer. I mean why the fuck have you not heard of it? It’s 1992, grunge has taken over, and if you weren’t a Pantera lover, then the only albums you kept on listening to for 2 years straight were the 1990 albums Rust In Peace (Megadeth), Seasons In The Abyss (Slayer), and Persistence Of Time (Anthrax).


“Computer God”

This song dates back to bassist Geezer Butler’s own project. It is in my top 5 songs penned by Butler. (For those who don’t really know, Geezer Butler was more of the main lyric writer when in Sabbath). It has a raw sound musically, and Dio’s voice sounds like it’s been unleashed from the chains.



A song that proves you don’t need to be Satan, to be all that powerful and wicked.


“Buried Alive”

What a fucking filthy, catchy, awesome riff by Iommi. There are great solos, heavy bass, Vinny Appice is pounding the drums the hardest on this track. Dio’s voice is haunting, the pre-chorus gets you ready, and then Dio says your “BURIED ALIVE”


This would be the last album Dio would sing under the Black Sabbath name. In 2009, Dio, Iommi, Butler, and Appice released The Devil You Know billed as ‘Heaven & Hell’

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