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Trifecta Tuesday - "Christ Illusion" - Slayer

“Trifecta Tuesday” Where yours truly takes an album (a CD really) from his discography of over 340 and picks three essential tracks to take from that album.

Back in 2001, Slayer had released God Hates Us All. It seemed as if the band had finally pulled itself back out the slump it had been in for most the 90's. It was their best record since 1990's Seasons In The Abyss. Alas drummer Paul Bostaph was fired and original drummer Dave Lombardo was back manning the sticks. So you have the all original members of the band back for a new album. What could go wrong? How about majority of songwriting and music credited to Kerry King? As every Slayer aficionado knows, every signature Slayer song comes from Jeff Hanneman. Hanneman is also the more technical of the two when it comes to solos. Christ Illusion is essentially a Kerry King album, meaning that there are few memorable tracks from that album. I’m one of the few people who actually liked the album quite a bit, altogether. I pick three that stand out most to me.


“Flesh Storm”

The first track off the album serves a raw punch in the face. The faster riffs that belong to a Slayer song, and the drumming by Lombardo couldn’t have come at a better time than the first track. Araya’s voice comes out of nowhere and blisters you with the images of the pain of war inside your head, and the views that the media tapes and brings back home to show the viewers.


“Eyes Of The Insane”

Released as a single, “Eyes Of The Insane” is a pounding track that Lombardo best uses his quality double bass drumming in. Add in trade of solos between King and Hanneman and you’ve got yourself a quality Slayer song.


“Final Six”

Released as bonus track, this is my favorite song off the album. Starts of with a little melodic intro and about a minute in to it you get the good stuff. It’s a Hanneman track (with lyrical help from Araya). The final lyrics of that song isn’t “just Slayer being Slayer” but downright spooky and something more mature than “cartoonish” that some critics have pointed out before.


Like I mentioned above, 2006's Christ Illusion is mainly a Kerry King album. It’s also one that I actually enjoy listening to and isn’t to bad all around.

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