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Deep Purple Live Albums, Ranked

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Deep Purple is still going at it in 2015. The group released their nineteenth album Now What?! two years ago and are presumably going to record a twentieth record in the near future. To top that, the band announced they would be releasing two live albums from they’re latest tour in support of Now What?! We’ve all heard the saying that “no two shows sound the same” or something similar to that. That applies to bands such as the Allman Brothers, Grateful Dead, Jimi Hendrix Experience, Led Zeppelin, and yes, Deep Purple. Four of those five have released numerous live recordings (Led Zeppelin being the loner, as in official and not bootlegs). And just as that goes, live recordings can sound great, decent, fair or just shitty. And all of those can be attributed to DP recordings.


Note: Not every single live album will be listed. You don’t need to worry about Concerto or recent stuff such as the Now What?! Live Tapes.

  1. Made in Japan
  2. Live in Stockholm 1970 aka Scandinavian Nights - I could switch these top two around if I wanted.
  3. Live in Paris 1975 - The last show featuring the Mk. III era lineup.
  4. Live at The Olympia ‘96
  5. In Concert ‘72 - The second disc of In Concert 1970/1972 but remastered in 2012 and the setlist in correct order.
  6. Live in Copenhagen 1972
  7. Live in Stuttgart 1993
  8. Live in London 1974
  9. Live in Graz 1975 - Third to last show of the Mk. III lineup. Though officially released, it’s missing the encores.
  10. Live in Long Beach 1971 - Officially released earlier this summer, but has been widely circulated as a bootleg.
  11. Perfect Strangers Live
  12. California Jam 1974 - Because watching Ritchie smashing his guitars and amps is more fun than listening to it.
  13. Live at Montreux 1996
  14. In The Absence of Pink
  15. Nobody’s Perfect
  16. Live at the NEC: Birmingham 1993
  17. Anything featuring Tommy Bolin

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